Heritage & Building Exterior Restorations

When it comes to heritage buildings, strength and structural integrity are just as important as the original design and beauty of the exterior of the building.

Our knowledge and experience with many of Atlantic Canada’s historic buildings has given our team the skills and expertise to restore and repair all types of heritage properties. We can take on comprehensive restoration projects, from structural renewal to carpenters and masonry experts. CRM can help you preserve the history of a building while creating a safe and modern environment moving into the future. We focus on maintaining the key historical aspects of a building while integrating the comfort of modern conveniences.

We take pride in restoring the original strength and beauty of heritage properties and maintaining it for years to come with waterproofing, brick and stone restoration or repointing, cleaning services, and custom stone fabrication & installation. Everything you need to bring a heritage property back to life, our expert team can provide the knowledge and quality to get the job done right. 

As well as historic building restoration, at CRM we also can restore concrete exteriors to address structural issues and use epoxy injections to prevent waterproofing problems caused by cracks in concrete. 

We maintain a staff of skilled craftsmen – masons, carpenters and mill shop personnel who are responsible for delivering much of the project. We engage sub-contractors, who understand our approach, to deliver the parts of the project that are outside of our trade specialization. 

Heritage building restoration St Matthew's Church Halifax, NS